US-Russian crew blasts off for record-setting one-year ISS flight

March 27 2015, 20:36

A Soyuz spacecraft has lifted off from the Baikonur space launch site, taking a new crew to the International Space Station (ISS). Russia’s Mikhail Kornienko...

There's Evidence Daryl Dixon Will Die In The 'Walking Dead' Season Finale

March 27 2015, 20:34

This piece contains potential spoilers for the season finale of "The Walking Dead." "If Daryl dies, we riot" is a popular mantra among "Walking Dead"...

Jeff Ross Asked Selena Gomez For Advice On Roasting Justin Bieber

March 27 2015, 20:33

As Jeff Ross puts it, roasting Justin Bieber is almost a "national pastime," but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of preparation that goes into it. The...

Excessive yawners, beware! Leaked TSA document reveals list of suspicious airport behavior

March 27 2015, 20:30

Arriving late to a flight with a confused look on your face and sweaty palms is enough to arouse suspicion among airport security screeners, according...

The Minnesota Twins Will Be Serving Up A Bloody Mary Garnished With A Slice Of Pizza

March 27 2015, 20:21

If, while sipping on a Bloody Mary, you've ever thought to yourself, "Hmmph, this could really use a slice of pizza packed inside," it's near time to book...

Russian keeper injured by flare during Montenegro Euro 2016 qualifier

March 27 2015, 20:18

Russian football goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev was taken off the pitch after being hit in the head with a flare thrown from the stands in his country’s away...

10 Feminist Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavors Of Our Dreams

March 27 2015, 20:10

Gender equality never tasted so good. Writer and producer Amanda McCall created 10 new fantasy names for Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors that cleverly...

US making ‘no practical steps’ to ratify Nuclear Test Ban Treaty – Russia

March 27 2015, 20:10

Moscow has slammed Washington for taking “no practical steps” to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) – despite countless promises to...

Ole Miss Student Indicted For Hanging Noose Around Statue Honoring School's First Black Enrollee

March 27 2015, 19:57

A federal grand jury indicted a student at the University of Mississippi on two separate civil rights charges on Friday for hanging a noose and a flag...

Inmates allegedly forced by jailer into ‘gladiator-style fights’

March 27 2015, 19:55

Accusations that a California sheriff’s deputy forced inmates at a local to jail to fight one another for his own amusement has landed an official with...

Nevada GOP Moves To Limit Early Voting On Sundays, Weeknight Evenings

March 27 2015, 19:54

A Nevada state Senate committee has introduced legislation that would eliminate early voting on Sundays and restrict counties' abilities to set their own...

Fact Checking Politicians' Arguments On The Common Core

March 27 2015, 19:53

ATLANTA (AP) -- In the political uproar over Common Core, various myths are peddled as fact. Do the learning standards really mean the federal government...

Penis-Shaped House Up For Grabs Near Sydney, Australia

March 27 2015, 19:50

A man's home is his phallus, er, palace. A house that is shaped suspiciously like the male sex organ is up for sale near Sydney, Australia, for around...

Three Women Aspire To Grow Their Value

March 27 2015, 19:47

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski shares details about the three finalists for Philadelphia for the "Grow Your Value" Bonus contest.

Why Sports Psychologists Are So Important For NCAA Players

March 27 2015, 19:46

James Schwbach joins HuffPost Live to talk about the importance of sports psychologists for NCAA players. Watch the video here.

Manhattan's East Village Smolders Morning After Building Explosion (PHOTOS)

March 27 2015, 19:41

Enormous piles of rubble covered the streets of New York City's East Village Friday, the morning after an explosion and 7-alarm blaze destroyed three buildings. Two...

Monsanto lobbyist claims 'safe to drink a quart of pesticide' – but bolts when offered a glass (VIDEO)

March 27 2015, 19:40

A lobbyist for Monsanto claimed that it was safe to drink “a quart” of the company’s Roundup pesticide, but pointedly refused to try even a sip when offered...

Watch The Reactions Of These Adults Eating Lunchables

March 27 2015, 19:39

Remember how jealous you used to be of the kids whose parents let them eat Lunchables? As it turns out, adults don't find them quite as delicious. Buzzfeed...

Monsanto Advocate Says Roundup Is Safe Enough To Drink, Then Refuses To Drink It

March 27 2015, 19:36

Roundup is a highly effective weed-killer that can be used during home garden maintenance, or on a massive soybean field to boost productivity. It's also...

Fit Bodies Aren't Perfect, Either

March 27 2015, 19:34

One woman wants you to know: Every body has "flaws," and they are nothing to be ashamed of. Imgur user SomewhereUnderWater recently shared photographs...

Ludacris Says Paul Walker Jokes During Justin Bieber Roast 'Weren't Appropriate'

March 27 2015, 19:33

Ludacris said he had a blast at Justin Bieber's Comedy Central roast, but added in a HuffPost Live interview Friday that he thinks some the jokes went...

Sahray Barber, College Student Who Went Missing For Weeks, Says She Was Stressed

March 27 2015, 19:33

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) -- A 22-year-old college student whose disappearance had police scouring Southern California for weeks said she was overwhelmed...

Deputy Responds To Call About Pit Bull On The Loose, Ends Up Befriending Goofy Pup

March 27 2015, 19:31

One policeman made a pretty unlikely pal while on the job. Earlier this week, the Lee County Sheriff's Office in Florida received a call from a worried...

San Francisco Is First Major City To Boycott Indiana Over LGBT Discrimination Law

March 27 2015, 19:31

San Francisco will not use taxpayer money to fund any city employees' trips to Indiana in light of the state's new law allowing discrimination against...

The Remarkable And Complex Legacy Of One Harry Reid

March 27 2015, 19:30

During the tail end of an interview in July 2012, then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was asked about Mitt Romney’s reluctance to release his tax returns....

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